® Andresi-is a registered trademark of Future-CNS - Andreas Siebert.

Future-CNS is a small owner-run internationally active online trading and software development company, the fact that in various business sectors in import and export goods and services offers and exclusively sells own products of the brand ® Andresi, as well as in close cooperation with contract partners developed Internet projects.

The Brand ® Andresi offers selected fashion offers in the field of technology and multimedia, as well as current jewelry & design articles, Dekoware & toys.

Future-CNS offers in wholesale and retail a diverse and selected range of current fashion offers from our various design series.

(Dealer please register with registration and proof of business by fax with us)

With regard to the sales packaging that we first filled with goods and delivered to private end users, our company has joined the federal state Bell AG for return systems of the country Bell AG, Mainz, to ensure compliance with our legal obligations under § 6 Ordinance.

Further information can be found on the website of the LandBell AG.

Andreas Siebert
Am Kirschfeld 13
01239 Dresden

Tel.: 0351-21919663 (AB, no telephone hotline)
Fax: 0 351-21919664

We do not offer a telephone hotline at the moment, but we are always available via email at a. s @ future-CNS. de (without teaching)
The declaration of the EU arbitration body is required by law to be found at

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